the Luster film posterJackson works in a record store and he lusts after Billy who he met at an orgy. Billy, however, likes it rough and prefers being beaten. Then cousin Jed arrives and Jackson shouldn’t really fall for his cousin, should he? Now a customer at the record store falls for Jackson (but he’s too clean cut for the poet/songwriter). There’s plenty of sex, a rock-star who feeds off the talents of others (and administers some of the beatings), a lesbian who also finds Jed intoxicating, and, ultimately, a more-or-less predictable ending.

another scene from the film lusterJustin Herwick as Jackson is reasonably good and Jonah Blechman is cute (he also has an underwear design company!) but, sadly, the film doesn’t engage quite as much as it could. It’s enjoyable but not brilliant. You can see the Clerks influences!

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