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There Can’t Be A Winner In Football Unless There’s A Loser

I didn’t do much on Sunday night but I did watch Sky One’s The Match:

Shocks aplenty on The Match, as Graham Taylor announced the squad of 22 celebrities that he will take to St James’ Park next month for this year’s big encounter with the Legends. No Nick Pickard from Hollyoaks, no Dave Jones from Sky Sports News and (here’s the real bone-shaker) no Philip Olivier from Brookside

[Source: Times Online].

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Red Bull part company with Klien

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned that Christian Klien might not have a drive next season. Well, he hasn’t got one for the rest of this season either! According to BBC Sport, “Red Bull have dropped driver Christian Klien for the rest of the season after he turned down the team’s offer of a Champ Car drive next season” The good news is that the same article suggests that “Klien is tipped for a role with the new Spyker team after the Dutch sportscar maker bought the struggling Midland team”.

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Schumacher to quit at end of year

After a fantastic race in Italy, Michael Schumacher announced his retirement. The seven-time world champion will retire from Formula One at the end of the season. Ferrari also announced that Kimi Raikkonen has signed a three-year deal and Felipe Massa’s contract has been extended to the end of 2008. More at BBC Sport.

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Technology Overkill?

I’ve been reading Lifehacker for a while now. I really like the Getting Things Done (GTD) articles. Keith Robinson’s Getting to Done: How GTD made my Treo obsolete really made me think about how I use my Treo! Mind you, I am still using the little gadget even if I do feel that I am carrying too much stuff around with me. Having all those client phone numbers when in the pub can’t be a good thing.

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