Another Airport Again

Airport TaxiI am taking another of my trips to Helsinki for work. Today I took the later flight and I have to say that I am happy to have flown British Airways. I find there’s something reassuring about flying with British Airways (but don’t ask me what). The woman sat in front of me was sporting a pink cowboy hat for some reason (it was remarkably similar to these I found on Flickr) but I don’t think the warm and comfy feeling came from that.

Given the late hour of our arrival I imagine the cabin crew were spending the night in Helsinki too. Only on British Airways would you see them carrying a proper pint of milk with them. I can only dream of arriving at the hotel and making myself a decent cuppa!

The flight was uneventful. Solitaire managed to send me to sleep which was a good job as I had forgotten the headphones for my Treo and couldn’t listen to the many podcast delights I take on my travels. Note to self: buy a spare set of headphones.

And so to the hotel where I was upgraded to a superior room. I think that means the desk on which you can place your laptop is on the other side of the room rather than right by the bed. That means, as I type this, I am straining to watch the television which is – handily – right across the room. Still, there was an old Starsky & Hutch and an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents to entertain me as I fall asleep. Which is exactly where I am heading now.

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