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I wish I had a record of the early web sites I used to visit. You know one of those pages we had in 1995 that was a list of ‘recommended sites’. Of course if I was David Filo or Jerry Yang I would have been out celebrating ten years of my list of favourite sites list or Yahoo as they know it. Yahoo was ten years old yesterday. Yahoo! has always been my favourite search engine and with the advent of the new Yahoo! Firefox toolbar I have a renewed interest in using the site. There’s a rather cool Netrospective (10 years, 100 moments of the Web) but it doesn’t bring my own site list back to life. And to think that I could have maintained that list and been very, very rich right now.

Happy Birthday Yahoo – your childish years are behind you and your teenage years are ahead – that’s when things get difficult. You’ll get moody and spotty and you won’t want anything to do with us oldies but don’t forget you need us!!

There wasn’t too much spam ten years ago, although it was certainly around it wasn’t something that Yahoo would have worried too much about. Two years ago, however, there was considerably more spam. What amuses me looking back at this post from this day 2003 is just how much spam has changed. I get few mails about debt solutions now but I do get a good few offering me all kinds of new drugs to cure all the ills I don’t have.

Ten years or two – the on-line world is moving on so quickly.

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