Fly Away Again

I’ve been trying to work out how many flights I have taken in my life. It’s more than I ever thought I would and must now be running into hundreds: the vast majority of them have been undertaken as part of my work. I work with our customers all around Europe and, sometimes, you have to be there in person.

Despite the fact that I have – most likely – been on more planes than buses in recent years I still can’t help get excited. As long as there isn’t a great deal of turbulence it would appear that I am getting over my nerves (unlike my visit to Dundee this time last year) and can enjoy the experience. However, I will never get over the thrill of that moment when you pass through the cloud layer and start to see the ground getting closer and you can start to see the people and the places. Landing in Rome earlier it was dark and almost didn’t notice the landing – which is strange as it is, by far, my favourite part of flying.

On this day…