Where Was The Colosseum?

first meal in at a stansted hotel - here we gostarting the trip at a best western hotel

Rome is supposed to be a very beautiful city. On Wednesday night I left London for Stansted where I grabbed a few hours sleep and some food in a hotel before heading to the airport for the 7am flight. Arriving at Rome Ciampino airport means a bus trip to somewhere central and a taxi to the office where I was to spend the next two days.

so this is what I actually do for a living - green lines on a whiteboardmore food - thursday evening pizza in rome

Thursday night I managed to wander around the suburb I was staying in and found a nice local restaurant who cooked the most fantastic pizza. Then it was back to the hotel to catch up on some of the sleep I missed before heading back to the offices for another day’s work and then a metro ride to the bus station to take me back to the airport.

rome ciampino airportthe ryanair flight back to stansted

And so, yet again, I got to see nothing of one of the world’s most fantastic cities. I really must learn.

On this day…

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