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For some reason, this main content of this entry was written almost a year ago. I can not remember why it was not posted. As most of the links are still there I’ve designed to bring it out of the ‘drafts’ folder.

It seems old news – but I guess that never stopped me. Last week The Guardian did a piece on blogging and mapping (featuring the London bloggers tube map and a few other sites). I’m not sure much of what was written was very new but it was, nonetheless, very interesting. What I particularly like about this concept is the fusion of real world and online world.

Now, it seems strange to me to be writing this as I am not a big attender of “meets” but I push that to one side for a few moments. We seem to shy away from meeting people – even our own neighbours – these days and, therefore, it becomes harder to find people we connect with. Finding people near you who share a similar world view seems to me to be a fascinating spin-off of online publishing. Originally, I considered this to be a relatively anonymous world where you would get to have your say. The positive side effect of meeting like-minded people never dawned on me. Now, it seems like one of the more interesting aspects of the web.

Of course, if you’re just looking to be “good neighbours” then UpMyStreet Conversations isn’t a bad place to start.

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