Returning from Holidays

I have been away on holiday for a week and am moving into catch-up mode.

As a child I frantically wrote letters the week before going on holiday so that I would have a nice pile of unopened mail upon my return. Yesterday, there was, of course, a mass of mail on the doorstep but most of it was corporate mass-mailings or junk of some description. My email inboxes were the same but where are the communications I actually want?

Back in the office, most of the mail is not junk and has to be dealt with but, as ever, procrastination gets the better of me. I’ve read it all and acted on the urgent. The rest is delayed for the “catching-up” excuse can last another 24 hours. Shameful, wasteful and it will be – ultimately – frustrating for me but that is the spirit of putting-off.

On this day…