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Shrewsbury Carnival 2003 Mobile Pics

I’ve returned to my home town of Shrewsbury this weekend. I just went to visit my Mum. Yesterday we wandered into the town and discovered that it was Shrewsbury Carnival 2003. It’s not the biggest carnival in the world but there is a parade and there are some floats. It all ends up in Shrewsbury town park with a family fun-day type event.

Pipers at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Why Military Gear at Shrewsbury Carnival 2003?The tractor: a good image for Shrewsbury Carnival 2003I think this is Bob The BuilderFantatsic steam engine in Shrewsbury Carnival 2003Man and donkey in Shrewsbury Carinval 2003

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I believe that this year’s theme was something to do with being beside the sea – which is amusing a Shrewsbury is not by the sea at all. It’s miles from the sea. I guess a lot of people had put a great deal of effort into the parade this year. Unfortunately, a great number of the people taking part looked miserable. They just looked fed up and there was no party atmosphere. Some floats, of course, did pull out all the stops but they were the exception. Very sad really.

UPDATE 16th JUNE: I am, of course, a miserable old blogger. The local paper puts a much nicer spin on it.

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Show Me Your Bottom

Showing it allYesterday was a lovely day in central London. If you were walking along The Mall at around 1pm, however, you might of got a shock. You see, I dropped my trousers in public. To be honest, about 50 other people did the same all in aid of Bowel Cancer awareness.

OK, so a friend of mind actually twisted my arm to do this and, what the picture doesn’t show, are the crowds of people who were watching, non of whom would join in. It was very awkward indeed especially as the photographer made who do the whole ‘drop your trousers’ think about ten times.

UPDATE 16TH JUNE: If you see any coverage, let me know (Yahoo Messenger: musak_uk). I forgot to include the link to the Beating Bowel Cancer website. And no, I won’t tell you which of them is my fine backside.

Full text of the press release, see the Beating Bowel Cancer website:

13 June 2003 – Volunteers overcame their shyness and bared their bottoms today to help Beating Bowel Cancer reveal a national awareness campaign. Coinciding with tomorrow’s full moon the volunteers gathered in central London and mooned in June, displayed their derrières and brandished their buttocks to help draw attention to bowel cancer and its symptoms.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second most deadly cancer, killing more people than breast cancer and other cancers. 95 men and women of all ages are diagnosed with the disease each day. 45 of them will die. This does not have to be the case, if people are diagnosed early enough, bowel cancer is the most curable cancer.

Supporting the campaign are TV presenters Graham Norton and Gaby Roslin.

Graham, a former winner of ‘rear of the year’, commented, “Although sadly not able to join the moon, I am lending my support to Beating Bowel Cancer’s awareness campaign. The mass moon in central London is just So cheeky and draws much-needed attention to an important and serious subject.”

Gaby explained, “Bowel cancer needn’t be the killer that it currently is. When diagnosed and treated early the majority of people can be cured. My father is testament to this fact and that it why I am backing Beating Bowel Cancer’s campaign to raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms and encourage people to seek help quickly.”

Beating Bowel Cancer is using posters to highlight the higher risk symptoms of the disease: recent, persistent change of bowel habit; looser, more diarrhoea-like stools; going to the loo more often, or trying to go; and bleeding from the bottom for no reason. The posters provide three suggestions for anyone concerned to obtain further information: a dedicated website (, a new bowel cancer booklet available by calling 0845 145 0020 and their GP.

Hilary Whittaker, Chief Executive of Beating Bowel Cancer, commented, “The first step to combating this disease is to build awareness of its symptoms, which is what we hope to achieve through this campaign. With 35,000 people diagnosed with the disease each year, Beating Bowel Cancer is committed to encouraging people to speak frankly about the disease and not be embarrassed to talk about bottoms and bowels! It is imperative to stop people sitting on their symptoms – it could cost them their life”.

From Monday 16 June, the posters will appear on the backs of toilet doors and other areas of male and female washrooms in 179 shopping centres and 58 service stations across the UK. The campaign will run for four weeks and aims to reach approximately 11.1 million men and 16.7 million women.

The campaign is being sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.

Click for more information.

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I Capture the Castle

Henry Cavill in I Capture The CastleJust a short note about I Capture The Castle which is one of the most surprising films I have seen in a long time. It’s well produced, written and acted it’s just not quite what I expected. A tale of love and betrayal set in a crumbling English castle as the inhabitants run out of money. IMDB has some great reviews. Henry Cavill, as Stephen, is lovely.

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Leave Fed Alone

Big Brother's FedericoI had an idea for a serious post today. Honestly, it was going to be very serious but now it’s not.

Thanks and now I can return to a normal service without references to Big Brother 2003 – and I don’t even watch it.

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Employment Law: Update

Last Week I noted that a parliamentary committee was reviewing the new employment law that attempts to give gay and lesbians some protection against being dismissed from their job on grounds of sexuality. Some religious groups were to be made exempt from this.

I have struggled to fid some update on this on the web but have, at last discovered that this is due to the fact the committee is not reporting until Friday. However, reports

While the nature of the “technical flaws” has not yet been announced, the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) says they are hopeful that it is a sign the religious exemptions, which go beyond the original European Directive on which the regulations were based, could be removed.

All of which, I hope, is good news.

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Toronto Gay Weddings

Hoorah for Canada. Ontario’s Court of Appeal announced existing common-law marriage definitions violate a gay couple’s equality rights on the basis of sexual orientation.

Michael Leshner and Michael Stark were the first couple to legally wed.

“We’re blissfully happy,” Leshner, a Toronto Crown attorney, declared after exchanging rings with his partner of 22 years and offering a champagne toast outside the courthouse

[Source – The Toronto Star]

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Cabin Boy

I thought it was all a lie about cute cabin crew boyz until tonight’s BA769 from Oslo to Heathrow and the lovely David (bleach blond boy babe). Agghh …

I am now intrigued though. David was ‘cabin crew’ and the other guy was a ‘steward’. What’s the difference – it doesn’t really say over at BA.

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We all love Dermot

Dermot Lokoing GoodA good number of the recent visitors to this site couldn’t care less about what I say. They are coming here because I made Dermot O’Leary Man of the Moment back in July 2002. Now he’s back hosting some of the Big Brother coverage his popularity is on the up again. So I added some new pictures. Sadly, I don’t have any of him from the television last night. Those shorts …

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