There is other news

Day 15 of the conflict in Iraq and some of the television coverage has been quite impressive – both journalistically and technically. However, you could be forgiven for thinking there is nothing else happening in the world. Well, these may have been some of the stories that would have been covered today if we were not fighting in Iraq:

  1. Google says it will license its popular Web search technology and advertising services to Internet retailer
  2. It is estimated that millions of common farmland and woodland species have been lost in Wales since the 1970s
  3. Police have arrested five people in connection with the murder of a postman on his round
  4. A race riot was sparked when a white gang attacked Asian people at random after a minor disagreement, a court heard
  5. A bomb scare on board a United Airlines flight from London to New York caused the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Ireland on Thursday
  6. A small ferry boat hijacked in Havana Bay and forced to sail toward Florida returned to Cuba on Thursday in search of fuel after island authorities chased it some 30 miles into international waters
  7. Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinians in a fresh surge of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
  8. World Creating Food Bubble Economy Based On Unsustainable Use Of Water
  9. MP’s relief as Samurai sword attacker convicted
  10. Swiss researchers have gleaned new insights into how rogue proteins can trigger brain-wasting diseases like BSE or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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