Haunted Castle

I went to the BFI London IMAX cinema last night to see Haunted Castle: it’s presented in 3D and was superb.

Firstly, the 3D effects were excellent. There are several scenes (one on a roller coaster-style ride) where you really could be part of the action. It’s very, very well done. Of course, like many of these films there are some ropy bits but, on the whole, it’s believable 3D throughout. I found myself closing my eyes at some points because I really felt some of the action was leaping from the screen.

Haunted Castle is the story of Johnny, whose mother – and aging rock star – has died and passed on her secluded castle home to her son. Upon arrival, Johnny finds that the castle is more than an empty stone building for it’s alive with ghosts and evil doers. As he stimbles around the castle, Johnny discovers his mother had done a deal with Mr D in which she had to to give up her soul for fame and fortune.

We are taken on a ride through the castle to hear the music in the burning pits, meeting the ghouls and spooks that inhabit the Haunted Castle along the way. We ride the cable car and ferris wheel into the fires and visit the strange dungeons where the Opera singers are spending their days – will Johnny surrender his soul and give into the temptation of the spooks? Finally, Johnny confronts Mr D again as the castle falls around him.

The stunning effects in this film really to surround you. It really was a superb experience and reminds me that I should go to the IMAX more often.

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