Spend Spend Spend (Online)

According to a story on BBC News today, US online sales hit record levels.

US consumers might have stayed out of the shopping malls and department stores in the run-up to Christmas, but they spent plenty of time buying online.

Department of Commerce figures show online sales grew by 28% in the three months to December compared to the same three-month period a year ago. American consumers spent $14.3bn (£9bn) online in the final three months of 2002, accounting for 1.6% of all retail sales – the highest level since e-commerce statistics were first compiled in 1999.

Survey after survey seems to be suggesting that online retailing is on the up. Admittedly, there’s a long way to go but the signs are encouraging. Shopping is the pastime for the new century and it appears that (American) consumers are moving more of it online. Is it the quick rush that you get from hitting that “checkout” button? Certainly, I find myself doing more and more shopping online – I find it so much easier. A wander around the shops is, for me, now more of a form of entertainment or leisure pursuit. To actually buy things I will sit in front of a screen.

However, I am having trouble getting used to the idea of online grocery shopping. Supermarkets have a strange appeal for me. Perhaps it’s the endless aisles to explore or the interesting new products on the shelves (really). I am not sure but I am pretty certain that my trolley-wielding days are numbered.

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