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You may already know that plasticbag is one of my favorites, and of course, not just mine but many people love Tom’s insights. This one, however, has made me laugh for several days. I truly believe the site features some great writing (the line, “I do dirty things with men!” in Tom’s prose is superb).

On the subject of doing “dirty things with men”, Tom Cruise has won a $10 million judgment against a porn star who claimed he had a homosexual encounter with the actor [ABC News] and Tory leader IDS (which always sounds like a computer company to me) will attempt to reduce his party’s feuding over gay rights by allowing his MPs a free vote on Section 28 [The Independent].

Why does Tom feel he needs to settle these claims in the courts? So, they are not true. Big deal. And so what if they were? It’s the thinking that suggests there’s something wrong with being gay that’s almost as wrong as section 28 which lead to a wave of bullying in schools (Stonewall). I wish all political parties would condem the ridculous ruling but the Tory free vote is, at least, a small step in the right direction.

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