links for 2006-01-12

On this day…

  • 2005: Garden State — So I had heard and read almost nothing about Garden State until I saw it tonight. It’s written and stars [...]
  • 2005: links for 2005-01-12

    Guardian Unlimited | Today’s issues | Sulking
    the unedifying sight of an obese old mute racing tipster, skulking around the [...]

  • 2004: Hiddent Stuff — Do you ever start to write entries for your blog but do not ever get round to publishing them? [...]
  • 2004: Make Me Write — Inspiring me to write today is Matt Haughey’s A Whole Lotta Nothing. Thanks for the following:

    A link to the Abandoned [...]

  • 2003: Entitlement Cards — A lot of the blogs I read regularly have highlighted STAND and there seems to be a lot of negative [...]

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