Poison Find

Top story, as journalists are heard to say, is the discovery of the poison ricin in a flat in London. Obviously, a very worrying find but I am not sure what we, as individuals who live in London, can really do. However, there is one thing I am sure about – talk shows and newspapers will be looking for somebody to blame. I wonder how long it will take to blame the “illegal immigrants”, the refuees or even the channel tunnel. I don’t expect it will be too long after that before we hear that it is really a government consipiracy to back their “war on terror” or keep us living in fear. At this stage nobody really knows what the inention of the posion was but one thing is certain – the fear of this kind of attack will cause anger, hate and blame. If we are not careful then those who seek to launch this kind of attack will have won long before they actually do anything.

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