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I Saw Some Of Rome

the colosseum romethe colosseum romethe colosseum rome

Rome was quite good. If you have read this site at all you may recall that I visited Rome a few weeks ago but I didn’t actually see any of the tourist sights (and my entry was entitled ‘Where Was The Colosseum‘). My Italian colleague comes from Milan and it turns out that he has never been to The Colosseum so, after our meeting we tried to work out how to use the metro service. For once I can say that I saw something of the city and that makes the journey worthwhile. Sadly, we didn’t have time to get inside The Colosseum (the queue was far to long for the amount of time we had) so instead we headed to St Peter’s Square to have a look there.

Both were stunning. I thought the people dressed as Roman Centurions outside The Colosseum were very amusing. I would certainly like to go and see it properly at some point. In 1506 pope Julius II laid the first stone for what was to become the Basilica on Vatican Hill which was to become the largest in the world. Again, the queues meant that we could not get too near but I did manage to see where people would sit for a view of the Pope. I imagine the atmosphere is incredible.

Rome, I think, really does need to go on my list of places to visit for pleasure at some point.

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