A New Month

December: I should be thinking a little bit about Christmas and trying to remember to send a card to those people who I always forget. Instead – for some reason – I am worrying about the increasing amount of spam to email accounts that I don’t even use. Demon is my ISP and has been forever. Some of my email addresses are spammed a great deal – I imagine as a result of using Usenet without hiding emails (hey, this was 1994). Demon don’t allow me to block mails to a specific address at the server end – it’s all client-side. So, I download it to remove it – or at least I download the mail headers. They do bounce emails after 30 days and I am going to have to resort to that with one of the mail addresses (the one that put all this in my head as I waited for the 700 headers to download this morning). They, however, have to hold all that mail for 30 days. I don’t want it and nor to they, so please Mr Demon deny email to specific addresses – I am thinking of your greater good here. [Related Link: Demon and Spam]

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