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musak's man of the moment

Musak's Man of the Moment was, let's face it, one of the most popular sections of this web site. Featuring shirtless celebrities each month it was the most viewed section of the site.

If you followed a link and you ended up here it's because the pages have now been removed. I'm sorry. It was an early experiment in using content management systems to manage several blogs and it seemed an easy way to try it out. Everything worked well but I no longer have the time to keep the pages active. When I switched this blog to Wordpress, I removed all the content. I leave you only with this picture which, if we're honest, is still pretty good.

The most popular celebrity was the former Brookside hunk, Philip Olivier. Other highly rated celebrities included Mark Owen, Dermot O'Leary and Matt Damon. Of course you can still find shirtless pictures of all these people on the web but here at Listen to Musak, we've moved on.

Thanks for all your comments. Thank's for playing along. Thanks for listening!

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