2004 In 100 Pictures

I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to mark the passing of time. I am, ultimately, sentimental. So, although I am not going to write a greater 2004 in review than I already have done, there is one thing that has fascinated me this year: my pcitures.

In January 2004 I acquired Treo 600 mobile ‘phone. This was the second ‘phone I had with a camera on it and it certainly isn’t the best mobile phone camera on the market. However, I took a few photographs and then, towards the end of the year, I realised that I had a photographic record of much of the year and it had been created unintentionally. It was quite a shock to look at them and put the year into context. Sure, many of them were taken with friends after a few drinks but I don’t think that matters too much. It certainly sums up a lot of the year!

A couple of days ago, I sat down to review the pictures. There were 265 of them. Some are blurred and useless, some pointless and some I really don’t want to show anybody else. However, I thought it might be an interesting idea to get the pictures down to a collection of 100 that sum up the year and I can keep as my Moblog memories for 2004. It’s a filtered collection limited by the technology (the pictures are very low res) and by the photographer (I am not keen on holding my phone and pointing it at people) but I think it does represent 2004 quite well.

Without captions they might not mean a great deal to anybody else but here is my 2004 In Pictures. Click on the image for the larger version.

2004 in pictures - picture001_19jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture002_19jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture003_21jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture005_21jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture007_29jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture008_29jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture012_30jan04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture017_05feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture019_09feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture020_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture025_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture026_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture027_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture028_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture029_12feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture035_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture037_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture038_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture039_14feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - pictore040_16feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture045_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture047_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture054_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture058_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture059_23feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture061_25feb04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture062_02mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture063_20mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture064_20mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture065_25mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture066_25mar04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture076_21apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture077_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture080_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture081_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture083_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture084_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture088_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture089_24apr04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture093_27apr04.jpg2004 in pictures<br />
 - picture102_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture107_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture108_14may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture111_19may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture113_20may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture115_29may04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture124_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture128_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture129_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture135_06jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture144_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture148_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture154_16jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture157_17jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture164_27jul04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture165_19aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture166_23aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture167_18aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture168_20aug04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture169_20sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture170_27sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture171_27sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture172_28sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture173_29sep04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture179_01oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture180_16oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture181_16oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture185_17oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture186_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture187_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture188_18oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture190_19oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture191_24oct04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture194_03nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture196_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture198_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture199_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture201_06nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture203_11nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture204_11nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture207_13nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture208_13nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture211_14nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture212_18nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture215_20nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture217_21nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture222_29nov04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture225_05dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture227_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture228_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture230_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture231_12dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture234_21dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture235_23dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture237_24dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture240_26dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture241_27dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture242_31dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture243_31dec04.jpg2004 in pictures - picture244_01jan05.jpg

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