Review of 2003: November

November was the second busiest month in terms of entries across Listen to Musak and the month in which the second of the soaps I remember from my childhood, Brookside, ended. I also seemed to be continuing my quest for the perfect ‘phone/pda combination

I visited one of my favourite areas of London to see The Weather Project at the Tate, a fascinating experience and one that showed me that there really is art that interests me. And once again I was back in Finland which caused me to contemplate flying for the second time in the year and also, for a short time, back in Oslo. Interestingly for a period when I did a considerable amount of site-writing, I concluded that I was quite time poor.

Of course being November there were fireworks and, for the first time in my life, I learned the origins of Guy Fawkes can be traced back to Elizabeth I. Elizabeth II, meanwhile, was playing host to the US President and I learned more about state visits.

The full November archive can be found here.

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