Selfish Commuters

I’ve been thinking some more about my current blog theme – transportation. What is it that makes people so selfish when it comes to transport? How many times have you been pushed out of the way on the trains or tubes by other commuters who feel that they have some kind of right to be on a train before you? How many times have you been stuck in a traffic queue because some selfish driver is blocking a side road, box junction or hogging the middle lane of the motorway – all to get them a precious few seconds nearer their destination? How many times have you wanted to pull the headphones off a fellow commuter because they refuse to turn down the volume? How many times have you seen an idiot holding their mobile in one hand and trying to turn the wheel, single-handed, round a corner missing you by inches because they are not in control? New research says that even hands-free kits are no good: Drivers who use a mobile telephone, even with a “hands-free” device, suffer from a kind of tunnel vision that endangers themselves and others [Source: Reuters]. What is it that makes people behave this way and, more importantly, why do I find it so frustrating to witness?

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